May 29, 2023 | Case Study


Hands-on curriculum models, known in education as Project-Based Learning (PBL) were in high demand and short supply. When the COVID pandemic hit, the demand for asynchronous online learning became in high demand. Our sister nonprofit, ID8, was awarded a grant to develop an online app to serve these needs.


We created a new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Cloud-based app that offers editing tools for curriculum designers and teachers to upload step-by-step instructions for PBL experiences. The system also includes a Library that lists team-based experiences and a contesting system so students/teams can enter PBL contests to win prizes supplied by sponsors. Services provided include:

  • ✓ New Brand (name, logo, URL).
  • ✓ SaaS Application Design & Coding.
  • ✓ Website Design & Development (