May 24, 2023 | Case Study


Food distributor Y. Hata & Co. of Oahu, Hawaii, was looking to move a 7,000SF closeouts store out of their warehouse facility to a new location.


We created a new cash & carry store concept described as a “Costco for restaurants.” The model bridges the gap between professional foodservice and retail markets by making restaurant-grade food available to both target markets. Services provided include:

  • ✓ Business Plan.
  • ✓ Financial Forecast.
  • ✓ Store Plan for a new 45,000 SF facility.
  • ✓ SKU Development & Merchandising.
  • ✓ Integration of inventory and POS systems.
  • ✓ New Brand Development (name, logo, URL).
  • ✓ Environmental Graphics Design.
  • ✓ Website Design & Development (
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