May 29, 2023 | Case Study


SaaS Partner Steve Sue always felt that financial forecasting was underserved in the startup entrepreneurship community. The space is predominated by Excel spreadsheet documents that are blunt-force tools at best and at worst are simply not accurate.


We created a new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Cloud-based app that makes financial forecasting a visual experience. The system features an assumptions panel that even 6th graders have found easy to add numbers that drive real-time charts and graphics. The system is a multi-user platform so unlimited numbers of team members and mentors can work on financials together. Deliverables include key charts, graphs and traditional Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. Services provided include:

  • ✓ New Brand (name, logo, URL).
  • ✓ SaaS Application Design & Coding.
  • ✓ Website Design & Development (