FinTech Software Development

Unleashing the Potential of Financial Solutions.

Our Expertise

SaaS Ventures delivers tailored solutions to automate organizations’ financial workflows and provide end customers with smart and secure financial applications for individual use.

Our solutions support full-cycle billing and payment workflows, along with providing detailed transaction statistics and reporting. We ensure the stable operation and protection of financial systems along with the data they process.

compliance & Security

As Fintech grows, more industry overlap and partnerships will likely occur. Consequently, it’s important to understand how your company can adapt and comply with Fintech regulations

The scope of Fintech is astounding. The current regulations for Fintech are not at all clear, and this can make Fintech compliance seem daunting.  We take security seriously and document and build it into our development process.

fintech development

Solving real problems

Fintech has helped to expand access to investing to people who traditionally were reluctant to invest or communities that traditionally focused on using and saving cash. Historically, investment firms targeted male customers, ignoring women who might have been interested in investing. Certain apps have focused on opening investment accounts and developing portfolios for customers who might previously be ignored by brokerages or who might not have felt welcome as a brokerage’s customer.

One of the great catch-22s of obtaining financing is that, to get a loan, most people need to have a loan or credit history already. Businesses that are just starting can find it particularly challenging to get the loan financing they need. Fintech programs that remove many of the traditional barriers to obtaining funding can help smaller companies or specific individuals get the money they need to get started, expand or achieve personal goals. In the U.S., 3.2 million borrowers took out peer-to-peer loans totaling more than $48 billion between 2006 and 2018

Now more than ever, people are concerned about the security of their financial information. The security measures often used to protect people’s data, such as PINs, might not be as secure as you would expect. It is relatively easy to guess a four or six-digit number. Fintech is helping to solve security concerns by integrating biometric security measurements into certain programs. ATMs can scan a person’s fingerprint rather than asking them for a PIN. Other forms of biometric authentication include voice recognition and iris scanning.

more than software

our people power us 

We enter all development partnership with a high-level commitment to service and development excellence. Every single build we take on  has a dedicated team during the development process and maintenance. Our team removes the burden of procuring, managing, and maintaining on-premises infrastructure, while automatically providing the latest product releases without impacting customizations. 

Key FinTech Features

Data Analyitcs

Data is such a unique thing that has the capacity to alter or change the decision-making power of the people. So, it cannot remain alien from becoming a part of the FinTech app as it offers its users a clear overview of their financial activities.  Data analytics are essential to analyze financial data and create reports for the our partners  to successfully meet the user demand and changing marketing scenario.

artificial Intelligence

It is one of the most promising features which are being utilized by the FinTech industries because utilizing it has helped them to deliver intelligent banking services. 

Artificial intelligence along with advanced machine learning which automates the customs procedures. and the inclusion of chatbots has made banking services easily available to the end-users.

Software Automation

Data automation helps to smooth out financial services. It allows customers to make instant decisions about their financial assets such as where to invest, how to approve loans at better interest rates, and many more. It also helps in taking notification management so that the users can receive only those notifications which will require their immediate attention. 

fintech notification

Push Notifications

The leveraging of push notifications by FinTech companies are essential for effective communication with the customers because it provides a solution to solve the communication issue prevailing between you and your application users. 

They offer multiple benefits by creating awareness among customers about offers, events, timely investments and so on.