Custom Software: onshore design with offshore engineering.

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Specifications & Budgeting

Custom software development is an opportunity to dream big and shift paradigms. But dreaming can get out of hand quickly. Creep will be your enemy. We therefore recommend the following:

Develop a Use Case

A use case defines who and how a product or service will be used. It will help you brainstorm and vet specific features.


Prioritize Features

Take the time to list every feature then prioritize the essential features (aka “MVP” features) from the “nice to haves.”

Create a Budget

Know your numbers. Half-built software doesn’t work for anyone. Take the time to create a realistic budget that gets you to the finish line.

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User Interface Design

When designing a software experience, think like a museum: create environments that are easy to explore but don’t upstage their features.

Create Elegant Conventions

Great software design starts with “nomenclature” naming conventions that are logical, scalable, simple and intuitively meaningful.

Design Intuitive User Interfaces

Great UIs deliver something useful, perhaps groundbreaking, in a simple and intuitive way. The acid test: “Don’t make me think.”

Test to Simplify

Review UIs on a continuing basis to reduce clutter. The more you simplify, the more your functionality will shine through. Less is more.

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Offshore Engineering

The world has caught up. And offshore competitors are certainly cheaper than domestic. But trust is always an issue. We overcome trust shortfalls through a 10-year working relationship with our offshore partner Astha IT of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Contract Direct to Save

To enjoy the best pricing, look to contract directly with offshore engineering firms. We make that possible.

Include Long-Term Support

Software never stops evolving, thus requires support and maintenance. Include support in your long-term budget.

Use a Trusted Project Manager

Make sure you have a project manager who knows how to manage offshore firms.

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