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Vision Your Future

Visioning means dreaming big and perhaps igniting paradigm shift. Be bodacious. Be brave. Define an amazing end state and plan backwards. A few tips:

Retreat to High Ground

Strategic retreats should foster focus, brainstorming and unfettered dreaming. Get your team out of their cubicles, off video conferencing and into design-thinking sessions.

Take Off the Blinders

The best strategy sessions help you see farther and wider. Strategic exercises should create greater peripheral and long-range vision.

Position for Success

Map your market. Analyze your audience. Study your competition. Find the wrinkles in your marketplace that afford the unique footholds to support an ascension to success.

Be Bodaciously Brand-able

Make your concept engaging, endearing and easy to pass on. Don’t fall into the trap of a name that’s clever but requires explanation or that infringes on trademarks of others.

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Create Complete Concepts

Superior business concepts are generally made of many ideas integrated into a consistent and flawless whole. This means supply chain meets process, brand, audience needs, market space, financials and more. A few tips:

Seek & Integrate Many Ideas

In school, 9 of 10 correct answers gets an “A.” In business, it’s an “F” as the one answer you don’t get right is the one that your competition will hammer you on. All winning ideas, all the time.

Phase to Prove Your Point

Start new projects by prioritizing only what needs to happen to prove your point. Push “nice-to-have” features to later phases. In software, this is called called “MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Know Your Numbers

The bottomline of any business is a number. You’ve heard it on “Shark Tank” over and over: “Know your numbers.” We know numbers as we’re the author and publisher of, the online financial forecasting software that makes generating budgets and forecasts fast and easy through visual modeling.

Test POVs of All Levels

Take into account feedback from both inside and outside your organization. This includes seeking feedback from all levels, not just top-tier smarties. Often, the biggest, most iconic ideas come from the most matter-of-fact perspectives.

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Evangelize with Energy

In business, resources are limited. Choose key battles to win, small ones first. This leads to sustainable campaigns and sustainable territories won.

Above the Deck

Our “Top Gun” recommendation for pitch deck formats: Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule (10 slides per every 20 minutes, 30 point text or greater).


Master the Metaphor

“Paint pictures with words” to get to the point faster, with greater accuracy, and to light up your audience.


Be the Orchestrator

Assume the role of an orchestrator who conducts a team making beautiful music together.

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