Websites are the cheapest way to automate your business.

How We Work

Website Development

Choose any Content Management System (e.g., WordPress, Shopify, Magento) and we’ll add your content, themes, plugins & more. We also provide as-needed support services to maintain and evolve your website.  A few tips:

Choose the Right CMS Platform

Content Management System (CMS) platforms exist for various kinds of business models. For example, a small e-commerce company might choose Shopify, a mid-size retailer might choose WordPress with Woo Commerce, and a large retailer might choose Magento. For general information websites, most are built on the very popular WordPress platform. 

Buy a Great Domain Address

Ideally, your website domain address is easy to understand, short as possible, not in conflict with others’ domain addresses, and doesn’t suffer from bad camel syndrome (for example, American Scrap Metal’s could be read as “American’s Crap Metal.” Whoops… 

Evolve at Market Speed

Companies evolve faster than ever today. Take comfort in the fact that it’s far cheaper to update a website than to print new brochures.

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Digital Marketing

Improve traffic with search optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, blogging, enews and social media. A few tips:

Start With On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the foundation of all digital marketing as search engines seek the best pages on the Internet to answer search inquiries. SEO begins with “On-Page” optimization of text content with a goal of being found. It’s not expensive and it’s not black magic. Advanced ‘Off-Page” SEO such as backlink development can be done, but start with the basics first to harvest the low hanging fruit.

Push Your Story

There are many story formats in the Web space. Blogging, Portfolio case studies, E-news, and Social Media are among the most common. So the ones that are easiest for you and build over time. You don’t have to do all at once. 

Buy Ads

Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to target specific audineces in specific contexts to get the most out of your advertising dollars. You can also limit ad buys to any amount desired, so it’s smart to start small, then grow your camapigns as measurable sales results are achieved.

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Premium Hosting

If you’re using WordPress (see above), be sure to go with a premium hosting service such as WP Engine to make your website a great user experience and enhance SEO.

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