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A business website is both a key communications and transactional environment to conduct business within. Thus, the integration of digital communication arts with business modeling is essential to success. A few tips:

Choose the Right Platform

Content Management System (CMS) platforms exist for various kinds of business models. For example, a small e-commerce company might choose Shopify, a mid-size retailer might choose WordPress with Woo Commerce, and a large retailer might choose Magento. For general information websites, most are built on the very popular WordPress platform.

Choose the Right Theme

Themes are templates to begin a website. Most CMSs offer loads of themes for a variety of business types. Such themes come pre-formatted with layouts, graphics and features relevant to a specific business type. Once installed, themes can then be customized in any fashion to meet your needs.

Install the Right Plugins

Plugins are software packages that add functionality to a website such as forms, surveys, ecommerce stores and social media. Larger CMS platforms offer literally hundreds of thousands of plugins to enhance your website. 

Create ADA Accessible Content

Avoid liability of ADA requirements by taking reasonable efforts to be accessible to those with disabilities. This includes making fonts highly readable, adding alternative text in the coding of images and possibly installing an ADA accessibility reader. Learn More »

Keep Your Site Functional

Regular sweeping of your website to keep content current is key to web success. There’s nothing more annoying that a site that’s broken. If you don’t have the will to learn how to edit your own site, we offer as-needed support services.

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How do I get started?

You’ll need a domain (your internet address). Most folks go to a domain registrar such as to search for a suitable domain name, then register and pay annual fees of betwen $10-50/year depending upon type of domain.

Beyond that, we’ll help you with theme selection, functionality and plugin selection, and content development. It helps if you can forward a few examples of websites that are close to what you’d like.

What platforms are offered?

Websites can be built on a number of CMS platforms depending upon business type. For retail, Shopify is popular for small retailers, while mid-size retailers tend to go with Woo Commerce on WordPress and large retailers go with Magento. For general information sites, most websites are built on WordPress.

What's a website "Theme"?

A website theme is a pre-designed template or layout that determines the visual appearance and overall design of a website. It includes elements like color schemes, fonts, page structures, and styling options, allowing users to quickly customize and create a consistent and professional-looking website without starting from scratch.

What's a website "Plugin"?

A website plugin is a software component that can be added to a website to extend its functionality or add specific features. Plugins are typically designed to integrate seamlessly with existing website platforms or content management systems, allowing users to easily enhance their website’s capabilities without extensive coding or development work.

Is ADA Access important?

ADA access is important to ensure that websites are legally compliant and inclusive. Non-compliance can lead to lawsuits, penalties, and reputational damage. By prioritizing ADA access, businesses mitigate the risk of legal action, demonstrate their commitment to accessibility, and foster a positive and inclusive online environment for all users.

Can I edit my own website?

Yes. For most Content Management System (CMS) platforms, you can have an unlimited number of users edit your website.

You can also assign varying degrees of access and rights to each user. You can also use our Support Team on an as-needed hourly fee basis. Simply send requests or content to the support email at support[at]

Are backups kept?

If you host your website files with us, yes. Hosted website backups are maintained so each customer’s data is kept logically separate from other data. Customers do not however have direct access to backup data.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, ACH (bank account transfers) and manual checks sent via surface mail. We also offer autopayment for services like hosting that do not vary over time.

We do not accept Venmo or Zelle as they considered non-business payment systems, thus a lower-level security system that  our accounting system (Quickbooks) does not allow integration with.

Is Your AutoPay PCI compliant?

Yes. If you sign up for autopay, we will send you an Auto Credit Card Billing Authorization Form via email. Upon completion, you will forward the form to our bookkeeping service, via (secure e-mail).

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