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All plans include annual SSL certificate, clean IP address, un-throttled bandwidth and priority support.


What's Domain Registration?

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a unique internet address (domain name, aka Uniform Resource Locator or “URL”) for a website. It involves registering a chosen domain name with a domain registrar like to secure rights to a web address. Annual domain registration fees are nominal, typically running $10-50/year depending upon the type of domain being registered.

You should always self-register domains so you maintain ownership rights and access to the domain. Most registration services allow you to name Delegates who can access your domain for technical service (such as pointing the domain to a website hosting location) but not change your domain’s primary ownership settings.

What's Website "Hosting"?

Website hosting is the service of storing and making a website accessible on the internet. It involves providing server space, network connectivity, and necessary infrastructure to ensure the website’s files, databases, and content are available for visitors to access and view through their web browsers.

Premium website hosting refers to a higher level of hosting service that offers enhanced features, resources, and performance compared to standard hosting options. It typically includes benefits like faster load times, improved security measures, dedicated support, scalability and advanced backup options.

What's an "SSL Certificate"?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that provides secure communication between a website and its visitors. It encrypts data transmitted between the web server and the user’s browser, ensuring that sensitive information such as personal details or payment transactions remains private and protected from unauthorized access or interception.

What's a "Clean IP Address"?

A clean IP address refers to an internet protocol (IP) address that has a good reputation and is not associated with any malicious or spammy activities. It is free from blacklisting and has a positive reputation, making it more trustworthy and less likely to be blocked or flagged by email providers or security systems.

What's "Un-throttled Bandwidth"?

Un-throttled bandwidth refers to a hosting service that provides unrestricted or unlimited data transfer capacity for a website. It means there are no imposed limitations or speed restrictions on the amount of data that can be transmitted between the website and its visitors, allowing for faster and smoother access to content without any artificial limitations.

What's Priority Support?

Priority Support means our engineeering team will expedite any website issue. We maintain an email address at support[at] where you can note a bug, add instructions or add content and send.

What if I Need to upgrade?

If you get close to or exceed the limit of your hosting package, we’ll inform you and offer upgrade assistance. We’re happy to help you scale to any level of success.

Are backups kept?

Yes. Backups are maintained so each customer’s data is kept logically separate from other data. Customers do not however have direct access to backup data.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, ACH (bank account transfers) and manual checks sent via surface mail. We also offer autopayment for services like hosting that do not vary over time.

We do not accept Venmo or Zelle as they considered non-business payment systems, thus a lower-level security system that  our accounting system (Quickbooks) does not allow integration with.

Is Your AutoPay PCI compliant?

Yes. If you sign up for autopay, we will send you an Auto Credit Card Billing Authorization Form via email. Upon completion, you will forward the form to our bookkeeping service, via (secure e-mail).

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